Computer Support for Oxfordshire

from an Oxford University IT Professional

PC's, Apple Mac's, Laptops and all kinds of other devices supported

Services offered throughout Oxfordshire and beyond!


I can assist with upgrading your computer to increase it's performance. Sometimes all that's required is a small increase in memory or processing power to breathe new life into old computers. With over 15 years experience in building and "speccing" computers I will work with you, analyse your needs and make suggestions based on your requirements


Sometimes when a computer won't start it can be a single component that has failed. I can help by identifying any failed parts and replacing them for you, saving you the cost of a new computer.

Virus Removal

Virus' and Malware can be a real headache for people to remove. They are also a major security risk to the users of the computer, with many written to harvest information from the computer. I have many tools and techniques to assist me with the safe and effective removal of infections from computers. I'd be happy to discuss best practices for safer internet usage to assist you with the prevention of future infections.


I can help with Wireless connectivity, Internet access problems and also the configuration and expansion of networking in your home. I'd be happy to hear your requirements and discuss the options available.

Data Recovery

Sometimes things get lost, through accident or error. Often data is recoverable, if you need some form of data recovery first please turn off the affected machine NOW and call or email me for help.

Printing etc.

I can help with printer setup and configuration along with a long list of other interface and peripheral devices. Please do contact me with your query, I'd be happy to discuss things further.

Prices & Availability

£50 per call out, includes 1 hour's work

£40 per hour charged in 30 minute blocks.

Available from:
6:00pm - 9:00pm week-nights and
10:00am-4:00pm at weekends.

I'm always willing to provide a fixed quote for work once we've defined your exact requirements.

I work full time for the University of Oxford during normal working hours, this means my availability is limited to evenings and weekends. That said, it does also mean I have an continuously growing pool of experience upon which to draw from.